About Us

At our heart, our team at Westcoast Engineering (WA) is committed to delivering high impact Civil Engineering designs and results, tailored to assist smaller-scale clients. We’re happy to serve our customers no matter what their specific needs may be. We provide cost-effective design and construction solutions for clients ranging from small developers planning a new 2-3 lot subdivision all the way to individuals or seasoned developers seeking design for their current or superannuation property.

Experience & Expertise: All for You

Successful Civil Engineering Services requires a high degree of precision across multiple areas of expertise. From initial research and planning to logistical engineering, geological investigation, and environmental assessments, quality counts in this business. That’s why our team works so hard across all areas in this field to even match up the developers with the right professionals that we are working with and team up with for various projects.

The Westcoast Engineering (WA) team brings you over 5 decades of collective design experience where it matters. With this much work performed here in Western Australia, we’ve truly seen it all when it comes to project development. This gives us the knowledge and wealth of expertise to ensure we deliver only the best in quality, service, and results.

While we certainly carry a high degree of experience on our team, we also recognise the need for specialists when it comes to specific project-related components. Our team connects with other specialists across all related fields to ensure you’ll have the most qualified professionals for your specific project. This includes components such as concept planning, surveying, electrical engineering, and communications to construction supervision and to the final handing over of a development.

Our philosophy is simple: no matter what you need, we’ll develop it as a results-oriented solution that will work directly for you.

Handling the Complex Approval Process

For development firms or individual property owners, the complex world of Civil Engineering approval can seem overwhelming. This holds especially true in the earlier stages of budgetary assessments, infrastructure design/planning, and project administration.

Fortunately for you, our team is here and ready to help. We’re fully capable of handling early-stage negotiations to help you get the approval your development project requires. We understand all the interrelating elements within this process. And our experienced team will walk you through the process every step of the way.

West Coast Engineering (WA): Affordable Solutions. Impressive Results.

One of the greatest challenges you may face in your project planning is keeping your scope within a limited budget. Our team thrives to develop solutions that meet the budgets of individuals or small development firms. As our catalogue of completed projects showcases, we continue to succeed in producing top-tier results at affordable rates.

If you’re ready to get your development project started, please contact Westcoast Engineering (WA) today at (08) 9240 6560. We’ll be happy to discuss all our available services – and provide you with a results-oriented solution that will achieve all your project objectives.

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From straightforward drainage solutions to full-on project administration – and everything in between – Westcoast Engineering (WA) is here for you.

Please phone us today at (08)9240 6560 to learn more about what we can do for you. You can also complete our simple online form and a representative will be in contact within 24 hours.

The solution to your development is only a phone call away. Phone us today to see just how easy your next project can be with Westcoast Engineering (WA).