Westcoast Engineering (WA) is your source for all the best in Civil Engineering Services. Our team works hard to help each one of our customers understand their precise project requirements. From there, we bring you unparalleled service – performed at a price you’ll be happy about.

Subdivision Services

Our comprehensive range of subdivision options ensure that your lots will all receive the same high level of care and attention they deserve. Available services include all the following:

  • Earthworks and Road Works
  • Stormwater Drainage
  • Sewer Reticulation
  • Retaining Wall Building
  • Water and Public Utility connections

When you work with us, you can enjoy all of the following subdivision benefits:

  • Improve Potential Earnings/ROI: Our handling of proposed subdivisions can help you create the spaces on your property for potential financial gain.
  • Full Assessment & Design: We can handle everything you need – from assessing what is available on each subdivision, either green title or strata, to designing and managing the project.
  • Handling of Councils, Utility Providers, Approvals & Permits: We’ll cut through the administrative red tape to keep your project on-track and approved.
  • Affordable Rates: As always, we’ll deliver results-oriented service at a price point that fits within your budget.

Sewer & Water Extensions

Providing safe and reliable access to water and sewer services is essential to any type of project. Our sewer and water extension services deliver quality results that take care of everything you need for your small or larger subdivision.

Benefits of working with Westcoast Engineering (WA) include:

  • We deal with Utility Providers & Approval Process: Let our experts handle communication with utility providers to secure approval. Our experienced team can get right through this process with no added stress to you.
  • Subdividers requiring Sewer or Water Extensions: Depending on your needs, we can help to subdivide your lot and secure any extensions to provide service to all lots.
  • We’ll Handle all the Handovers to the Councils, Water Corporation, Telstra and Western Power: Once it’s time to handover the works to the Councils and Public Utilities Providers, we can also complete this process for you as well as a part of the extension process.

Land Developments

Our land development knowledge will help you with everything you need to successfully complete your project. This includes sub divisions of lots as mentioned – including smaller lots subdivisions. It also includes strata developments should your property require one.

Our development services are the best thanks to all these benefits:

  • Efficient and Affordable: We keep our prices low to ensure our smaller-scale developers have access to exceptional service at reasonable rates.
  • We Handle the Design: Our team is happy to lead the way in designing whatever land development projects you have in mind.
  • We’ll Work with Councils & Public Utility Providers on your behalf: We’ll handle all the logistics in communicating with councils or approvals ans permits and securing approvals from utilities. That way, you’ll see great results without the associated headaches of dealing with these agencies.

Stop Waiting & Start Enjoying

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