Civil Engineering Works

Beyond Land and Subdivision Development, Westcoast Engineering (WA) is happy to provide a wide range of additional Civil Engineering Design Services. Our team works hard to understand your specific needs and project objectives. From there, we’ll help you develop a solution that meets those needs while remaining within your budget.

In many cases, your project will require a wider range of options to meet all your goals. Have a look below at a few more of the additional services we offer to help you successfully complete your project.

Design of Earthworks & Road Works

Earthworks and road works are essential for all development projects. Depending on the type of ground your development is on, earthworks can make or break a project’s success. You need to have the right level of planning and design advice at this preliminary stage. Otherwise, you risk further complications (and expenses) as your project presses onward.

One of the most common components necessary for successful developments comes through the earthworks process of excavation, remediation, filling and provision of required classification for footing design.

Excavation can include moving, filling, blending and mixing, neutralizing and relocating earth to various parts of a development in accordance with our design plans. This reshaping of the landscape will create the desired groundwork for the positioning of any type of urban, rural, or commercial development.

For many developments – particularly subdivisions – earthworks are also compulsory prior to construction of any road network in developments. You need to determine the ideal position and orientation of the earth cut and fill to pave a safe roadway to your developments. And this type of planning must be completed by a qualified and experienced professional to achieve the best results.

Water and Sewer Extensions

Our water and sewer extension design services will give you all the solutions your lot development may need for these two essential components.

Effective water and sewer handling is imperative to a development’s success potential and required for green title subdivisions. Our initial design and assessment will determine the best course of action for enduring extension of any reticulation. From there, we will provide additional extension options that satisfy all the legal requirements, codes, and related components provided by Public Utility Providers, namely the Water Corporation.

Public Utilities Connections

In many cases, the process of getting new developments and subdivisions connected to local public utilities can be an enormous hassle. We take the complications out of this process by handling the entire process for you. We’ll take you through the often potentially aggravating legal processes for permits and approvals. From there, we’ll make sure that all the new utilities are properly connected and ready to use when it’s time to hand over the development.

What Makes Westcoast Engineering (WA) Better

When you choose Westcoast Engineering (WA), you’re choosing quality from start-to-finish. Benefits of working with our team include all the following:

  • Expert Design & Planning: Our experienced team understands the precise requirements for developments of all shapes and sizes. We’ll design a plan that reflects your end goals while including all the considerations of the specific area of land where it is located.
  • Contracting to Other Experienced Specialists: Why should you worry about finding the construction and contracting help when we can take care of it for you? We contract with some of the best-in-class partners for all the services your project needs.
  • All Approvals and Permits Handled by Us: Securing the proper permits and approvals can be a hassle to smaller development companies and individuals. We’ll take care of this step so you can stay focused on other aspects of your development.
  • Budget-Friendly Pricing: We understand the budgetary constraints you face as a small business. We keep our rates affordable to give you the results you demand at a price that doesn’t exceed your budget.

No matter the size or scope of your development, Westcoast Engineering (WA) is on board to deliver superior service and exceptional pricing. Call us today at (08) 9240 6560 to learn more about how we can help. Or if you prefer, you can also fill out our convenient online form and someone will get in touch with you within 24 hours.

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