Land Subdivisions

At the heart of everything we do here at Westcoast Engineering (WA), land and subdivision development designs are the cornerstone to every Civil Engineering project we handle. Our team brings over 55 years of dedicated industry experience here in Western Australia. That means that you can expect only the best in streamlined development services for your land or subdivision project.

Land Development

Initial land development is pivotal for your project’s success. If you don’t design and create the right land development now, you risk a myriad of negative consequences in the future.

Westcoast Engineering (WA) will help you in all the following ways:

  • Green or Strata title Development, Design & Planning: We’ll help you get your development set up in a way that works best for your overall project objectives.
  • Integrated Lot Subdivision:  As discussed below, we can also provide superior services when you need to subdivide your existing lot into more lots and benefit from increased zoning.
  • Small Lot Divisions: One of our specialties is finding the best methods to turn your existing lot into feasible subdivision. Our experts will help you get the best possible return on your creation of new lots.

Land Subdivisions

Subdivisions are wonderful for adding more value to your existing property and enhancing your property’s investment potential by developing. Our team is poised to handle all the specifics when it comes to your subdivision. We have the experience you need to ensure that they will meet all your project goals and objectives.

Here’s how we’ll help you get even more with your subdivision:

  • We Handle the Designs: We’ll bring you design planning that makes the most out of your development.
  • Precision Subdivision Assessments: We’ll help you understand exactly what can be done with your existing lot and which type of subdivision is the best suited.
  • We Cut the Red Tape: We’ll walk you through all the administrative approvals and permits and approval processes to make it even easier for you.
  • Affordable Prices: We keep our prices affordable to help you get the best results that fit within your budget.

Get Your Development Underway Today

Large or small development, Westcoast Engineering (WA) is ready to help you with any of your land or lot that you wish to purchase development requirements. We are fully committed to bringing you exceptional service – scaled to your needs as a developer or individual subdividing once in your lifetime. Even better, we bring you enterprise-level results at a much more affordable price point. That way, you can enjoy exceptional results that do not exceed your budgetary constraints.

From design to project administration and site supervision, let the experts at Westcoast Engineering (WA) help. Phone us today at (08) 9240 6560 to learn all about your available options. You can also fill out our simple online form and one of our representatives will get in touch with you.

As you’ll quickly see, there’s a reason we continue to bring an increasing number of success stories in our project catalogue. Contact us today and take your development project to newer and greater heights.

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From straightforward drainage solutions to full-on project administration – and everything in between – Westcoast Engineering (WA) is here for you.

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